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Attention Cadets!


I am a CURRENT CADET and can't login to my e-mail.

Using Internet Explorer or Firefox, go to:, click the link "MyVMI," click the button VMIconnect, click Cadet Mail, click Cadet Mail (2nd time).  If you are prompted to enter a username and password, enter your username preceded by vmi\ (note the backslash) and your network password.  DO NOT CHECK THE OPTION TO REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD.  (If you originally selected this option, you will need to go into your Internet options and clear the password.)

If you cannot login (either the same box keeps popping up or you get a message that you are not authorized to view the page), your network password has most likely expired.

Please use Self-Service Password ( to reset your network password.  Once you reset your password, this will be the password you will use to access Angel, PostView and your VMIconnect e-mail.  You can easily access all three of these applications by going to, click the link "MyVMI" (bookmark this page) and make your selection.

If you use any of the general purpose labs, this will also be the password you use to login on the computers.

If you have not yet enrolled in SSP or cannot answer your security questions, please take your Photo ID to the Barracks Help Desk to request a password reset.

I am a CURRENT CADET and can't send e-mail from my account.

If you are using Google Chrome, you cannot send e-mail from your VMIconnect account (this is a known problem with this particular browser, but VMI has no control over this).  Please use Internet Explorer or Firefox.  (If you are already using one of these browsers, please make sure you have not exceeded your mailbox quota.  If you need additional assistance, please go to the Barracks Help Desk for assistance.)

I am using the Outlook client (either 2007 or 2010).  I can receive e-mail, but I can't send any messages.

There is a problem with sending e-mail using the Outlook client, and we are working with Microsoft to resolve the problem.  At this time, we are recommending that you use VMIconnect.

I have already graduated and no longer have a VMI network account. How do I access my VMIconnect account?

To connect to the new mail system, go to and click on "Alumni Mail". You will be asked to provide your VMIconnect logon credentials. Login with your new mail system credentials ( and password. Your password is your Colleague ID (Student ID) preceded by VMi. (Case sensitive, example: VMi0001234). Upon first logon you will be prompted to change your email password.

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