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For the young reader:

Ghost Cadet
by Elaine Alphin
The award winning story of a young boy who must help ghost cadet Hugh McDowell find something very important.
176pp    Paper    $8.95

Harriet Beecher Stowe
by LeeAnne Gelletly Harriet Beecher Stowe hated slavery.  She realized she could help end the cruel practice by writing about it. So Harriet wrote a powerful story called This is her biography. 80 pp           Paper          $4.95
Civil War on Sunday
(Magic Tree House #21) by Mary Pope Osborne Jack and Annie meet a famous nurse named Clara Barton when the Magic tree House whisks them back to the time of the Civil War. 73 pp          Paper          $3.99
Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad
by Ann Petry Born a slave, Harriet Tubman dreamed of freedom. Through hard work and her willingness to risk everything, she was able to make that dream come true for herself and others as she became a conductor on the Underground Railroad. 242 pp           Paper          $4.95
19th Century Clothing
by Bobbie Kalman In the 19th century, people worked hard and wore practical clothing. Over forty color illustrations and photographs show how they dyed, spun, and wove wool and flax to make the cloth from which they sewed their clothes. 32 pp          Paper          $7.95
Life on a Plantation
by Bobbie Kalman Life on a Plantation compares the lives and customs of plantation owners who lived in grand style in the "big house" next door to the slaves who lived in slave quarters and worked in the cotton, rice, and tobacco fields in the Civil War era. 32 pp          Paper          $7.95
Gentle Annie: the True Story of a Civil War Nurse
by Mary Francis Shurs Annie Etheridge was 16 when she enlisted in the Union Army and risked her life to nurse wounded soldiers.  184pp          Paper          $4.50
Mathew Brady: Civil War Photographer
by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk In 1861, Brady took to the battlefields of the Civil War to capture images of battle scenes the public had never seen. This biography includes some of his pictures. 59 pp (grades 3-6)          paper          $4.95
Abraham Lincoln’s Flag, We Won’t Give up a Star
by Howard Miller Throughout the four years of the Civil War, Lincoln’s most important commitment was “We won’t give up a Star” on the American Flag, this is a story for you and your children. 12 pp          Paper          $4.95
19th Century Girls and Women
by Bobbie Kalman From the merriment of social events to the chores, uncomfortable clothing, and health hazards of daily life, this book reveals the positive and negative aspects of the lives of women over a century ago. 32 pp          Paper          $7.95
In the Barn
by Bobbie Kalman Learn how the barn was the center of activity on a busy settler farm. All the seasonal activities, from birthing to harvest to winter storage, are explored including the work and fun of a barn-raising bee. 32 pp          Paper          $7.95
Great Civil War Projects You Can Build Yourself
by Maxine Anderson Each section in this large-format book introduces an aspect of life on the battlefield or the home front during the Civil War. The discussion is followed by one or more related craft projects. 140 pp          Paper          $14.95