For the Jackson Enthusiast

 All Things for Good : the Steadfast Fidelity of Stonewall Jackson

by J. Steven Wilkins

This book challenges some of the myths that surround Jackson and celebrates his devout Christian beliefs.

394 pp          Hardcover          $16.95

May I Quote You, Stonewall Jackson?

Edited by Randall Bedwell

Vividly  portraying a hero of the South through his own words and through the words of those who knew him, this book explores Jackson’s life.

87 pp          Paper          $7.95

Stonewall in the Valley: Thomas J. ‘Stonewall” Jackson’s Shenandoah Valley Campaign, Spring 1862

by Robert G. Tanner 

This edition offers new insights on the most significant moments of  Stonewall's Shenandoah triumph.

599 pp          Paper          $24.95

The Stonewall Brigade

by James I. Robertson, Jr.

Robertson writes of the many hardships the soldiers endured while giving insight to command decisions that made these hardships necessary.

271 pp          Paper          $20.95

Stonewall Jackson’s Foot Cavalry: Company A, 13th Virginia Infantry

by Walbrook D. Swank

Diary of the experiences of George O. Peyton,

Company A, 13th Virginia Infantry in 1864.

161 pp  Paper    $19.95

Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and the Army of Northern Virginia, 1862

by Colonel William Allen

This volume unites the two classic Civil War campaign studies of Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley and The Army of Northern Virginia in 1862.               

537 pp          Hardcover          $24.00

Stonewall Jackson’s Book of Maxims

edited by James I. Robertson Jr.

Each maxim includes the origin of the adage, and how Jackson might have applied the idea in his own life.

144 pp          Paper          $10.95

In the Footsteps of Stonewall Jackson

by Clint Johnson

This book defines Stonewall Jackson by the places he knew while revisiting the sites of his life.

238 pp          Paper          $15.95

Conquering the Valley: Stonewall Jackson at Port Republic

by Robert K. Krick

The Battle of Cross Keys and Port republic are

examined in tactical detail while also unveiling the

experiences of the solders who fought there.

593 pp          Paper          $26.95

Stonewall Jackson at Cedar Mountain

by Robert K. Krick

A revealing portrait of Jackson commanding his troops under the pressures of combat at the Battle of Cedar Mountain on August 9, 1862.

472 pp          Hardcover          $39.95

Stonewall Jackson 6” High Bronze Bust

Perfect for desktop, this polystone, bronze finish bust is a great gift for the Jackson enthusiast who has


3.5”Wx3”Dx6”H       $13.95

Jackson in the Shenandoah
Jackson in the Shenandoah is an account of Stonewall Jackson's classic 1862 campaign. Written and hosted by nationally known Civil War historian and pre-eminent Jackson Biographer James I. Robertson, Jr.

VHS or DVD          $29.95

Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story

Still standing traces the life of Jackson from his

childhood, to the Sunday School class he taught for African Americans, to the pivotal role he played as a General for the Civil War.          48 min.

DVD          $19.95

General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson Print

By William Garl Browne, 1869

8”X10”                $6.95

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