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Army of Amateurs: General Benjamin F. Butler and the Army of the James, 1863-1865
by Edward G. Longacre This is their story. 388 pp      Hardcover     $34.95
Battle Cry of Freedom: the Civil War Era
by James McPherson This is a one volume Pulitzer– prize winning history of the Civil War. 909 pp      Paper     $19.95
The Civil War Day by Day: an Almanac 1861-1865
by E.B. Long with Barbara Long This is an almanac, or day-by-day recital, of the conflict during the Civil War. 1135 pp     Paper     $35.00
Doctors in Blue: the Medical History of the Union Army in the Civil War
by George Worthington Adams The definitive work on the medical history of the Union Army, revealing the earnestness, cooperative spirit, and great scientific strides of the period. 230 pp     Paper     $19.95
Hunter Holmes McGuire: Stonewall Jackson’s Doctor
by John W. Schildt Dr. McGuire was the medical director for the Second Corps of the immortal Army of Northern Virginia.  Beyond his wartime experience, McGuire proved himself as a competent physician and surgeon as well as a brilliant administrator contributing to  the founding of the American Red Cross. 153 pp     Paper     $17.95
Doctors in Gray; the Confederate Medical Service
by H. H. Cunningham Drawing on  an array of sources, Cunningham paints as complete a picture as possible of the daunting task facing those charged with caring for the war’s wounded and sick. 276 pp     Paper      $18.95
A Woman of Honor: Dr. Mary E. Walker
by Mercedes Graf This is a glimpse into the life of Mary E. Walker, a woman doctor during the Civil War who was captured and held as a prisoner of war herself. 90 pp     Paper     $9.95
The Journal of Women’s Civil War History: From the Home Front to the Front Lines
edited by Eileen Conklin Accounts of the Sacrifice, Achievement, and Service of American Women, 1861-1865. Vol. 1, 156 pp     Paper    $11.95 Vol. 2, 185 pp     Paper    $11.95
The Life of Billy Yank: the Common Soldier of the Union
by Bell Irvin Wiley. Wiley has written about the Northern troops with admirable objectivity, with sympathy and understanding and profound respect for their fighting abilities. 361 pp     Paper     $20.95
The Life of Johnny Reb; the Common Soldier of  the Confederacy
by Bell Irvin Wiley. This is an intimate history of the soldier’s daily life.  Wiley examined letters, diaries, newspapers and official records in constructing this account of the life of Johnny Reb. 347 pp     Paper     $20.95
Mary Boykin Chestnut: a Biography
by Elisabeth Muhlenfeld. Mary Boykin Chestnut is well known for her firsthand account of life in the CSA.  Muhlenfeld traces Mary’s life in South Carolina from her childhood to her last twenty years when she helped her family through the  intricacies of repaying immense debts incurred during the Civil War. 271 pp     Paper     $21.95
Our Brothers’ War: Civil War Stories
by Maureen Morehead and Pat Carr. These are emotional stories about the life and death of soldiers and the manner in which the women actively dealt with the events that so tragically surrounded them. 151 pp     Paper     $4.95
The Civil War
By Geoffrey C. Ward with Ric Burns and Ken Burns. A special edition of the acclaimed, best-selling volume to the celebrated PBS series, the highest rated series in the history of public television.  Its’ superb text is interwoven with more than 500 illustrations. 426 pp     Paper      $29.95
Touring Virginia’s and West Virginia’s Civil War  Sites
by Clint Johnson. The 17 tours in this book cover all the significant Civil War sites in both states.  You may have read about such battlegrounds as Philippi, Rich Mountain, and Sewell Mountain without knowing exactly where they are.  Included here are the sites where the first soldiers died.  Included are places where the Confederacy’s greatest heroes were born, grew up, fought, were wounded, and were buried.      407pp Paper          $19.95
Blue & Gray Roses of Intrigue
by Rebecca D. Larson. A fascinating compilation of female spies who were active during the Civil War. This book shows the motivational forces, acts of deception, and the great personal risks taken by women who chose to take action to protect their beliefs. 72 pp          Paper          $6.95
A Pictorial History of Civil War Era Musical Instruments and Military Bands
This book portrays both in pictures and in narrative the colorful history of Civil War era military bands and musical instruments. Nearly half of the photos are of musical instruments made between 1840 - 1870. 16 pp          Paper          $12.95
Who Wore What? Women’s Wear 1861-1865
by Juanita Leisch.   This book explains what was worn, by whom, and in what combinations. With over 300 photographs, it provides invaluable information on dress styles and designs of 19th century women's clothing. Includes construction tips and a section on accessories. 128 pp          Hardcover          $29.95
When a Rose Is Not a Rose
by Rebecca Lawson. Historians estimate that more than 400 women disguised as men fought in the Civil War. Included are over 100 names with associated information. 66 pp          Paper          $7.95

Cadet Gray & Butternut Brown Not just a book full of Confederate uniforms, it also answers how and why the two largest Confederate armies (the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of Tennessee) looked and dressed the way they did during four long years of war. 103 pp          Paper          $16.95