The time is right to explore Civil War history, discover 19th century farm life, and learn about the life of a Civil War soldier. Click here for the schedule of special programs.

  1. Tours
  2. Civil War Day Camps
  3. Farm Exploration
  4. Award-Winning Film

Tours. Self-guided tours are available year round. Group tours may be arranged to fit your schedule by making advance arrangements. For detailed descriptions of the varied options available, please follow this link. return to list

Civil War Day Camps. If you're between the age of 7 and 12, this is the most exciting way to learn about the life of a civil war soldier--- You become one! This special program is only available in July and is limited to 25 "soldiers"--- Enlist early, please follow this link. Self-guided tours are available year round. return to list

Farm Exploration. The battle was fought on and around the Jacob Bushong Farm. Visit the house and dependencies of the farmyard from 9:00 until 4:30 daily. After the battle, the parlor of the Bushong's house was used as a field hospital. (For a virtual tour right now, click!)

Visitors to the house will explore the impact of the Civil War on Valley residents like the Bushong family. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn Civil War medicine and medical procedures, more about the life of a Civil War soldier. return to list

Award Winning Film. Be sure to allow time to view the Emmy Award winning "Field of Lost Shoes." This 45 minute docudrama brings to life the battle experiences of the soldiers and the Bushong family in a compelling action film. return to list

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