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VMI Theater (Institute)
Gillis Theater, Marshall Hall
0800 Basu Choudhary (Lab Schedules)
Scott Shipp 117
0800 Joseph (Lab Schedules)
Mallory 414
0925 Walsh (Lab Schedules)
Mallory 414
1050 Basu Choudhary (Lab Schedules)
Mallory 414
1050 Allen (Lab Schedules)
Scott Shipp 117
1300 Allen (Lab Schedules)
Scott Shipp 117
1715 Club Jiu-Jitsu (Cocke Hall Facilities)
Cocke Hall
2000 VMI Theatre (Institute)
Gillis Theater, Marshall Hall

Atin Basu Choudhary

Calendar: Lab Schedules

Category: Scott Shipp

Time:  8:00 AM - 10:40 AM
Location:  Scott Shipp 117
Details:  Political Economy of Conflict
  Lab Manager
  Information Technology
Lab Manager

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