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VMI’s Center for Leadership and Ethics
enhances the cadet experience by providing
opportunities rarely found on college
campuses. Each year the CLE hosts and
sponsors several conferences, symposia, and
other leadership initiatives. CLE programs
facilitate meaningful cadet interaction
with scholars, practitioners, speakers and
fellow students participating in a range of
workshops, discussions and presentations.
Cadets are encouraged to explore and
develop their own styles of leadership by
engaging in all the opportunities offered by
the Center.
Leader in Residence: This program brings
a leader from the public or private sector,
non- governmental organization, or other
profession to spend 10 days in residence at
VMI. The Leader in Residence participates
in discussions and activities held in
classroom settings, in the barracks, and on
the athletic fields. Through this program,
cadets and faculty are able to explore the
concepts, practices, and challenges of
Leadership Book Program: Founded
by cadets, this CLE supported program
encourages reading and discussion among
the Corps and faculty. The books are
selected by cadet participants and topics
include a wide variety of issues. The group
also screens films and when possible, brings
authors to address the Corps and sign
Conferences: Students, faculty and
administrators hear nationally recognized
speakers and engage in conversation on
important principles. Other conferences
address the need for better STEM
education and other topics of national and
international relevance.
Center for Leadership and Ethics
A Selection of Programs Coming in 2013-14:
Oct. 8-10 –
2013 STEM Education Conference,
“Science with the Future in Mind”
Feb. 24-25 –
Third Biennial Leadership Conference
March 28-29 –
29th Annual Virginia State Science and
Engineering Fair
April 8-10 –
25th Annual Environment Virginia
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