Superintendent's Newsletter - page 7

“Very simple, basic strategies ... be at the r
ight place, at the right time,
in the right uniform, doing the rig
ht thing.”
Col. Tom Trumps '79, Commandant of Cadets
Guidance to the Rat Mass
Mandatory Alcohol Education Course:
Parents of incoming rats, please note that your cadet must
complete a required alcohol education course, Alcohol Wise, before matriculating this August. Your son or
daughter has received an e-mail outlining this requirement with instructions for its completion. Please take
this opportunity to talk to your cadet and reinforce VMI’s strict policies in this area.
It is in the Rat Mass that the
VMI Spirit begins to grow. Rats
learn that they can’t be successful
on their own; they must look
out for one another, help each
other through tough days, and
hold each other accountable, all
while they are building lives of
integrity that recognize a sense of
responsibility to others.
VMI has supported the
development of our nation’s
leaders in both military and
civilian careers for almost 175
years. To partake of this success,
each cadet must embrace the
VMI system of excellence.
Cadets who learn to trust the
process will come to know the
benefits of the VMI experience.
Rats must remember not to be
distracted by the challenges of
the Rat Line or stories they hear
of what friends at other colleges
are doing. This is the time to
follow through on the decision to
become a VMI graduate, taking
advantage of every opportunity,
for a successful mission.
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