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Seek Opportunities to Lead
Resolve to be Successful
Leader training and development are the backbone of the VMI cadet experience. We
educate cadets on leadership theory while providing meaningful opportunities for leadership
to be practiced, measured, and evaluated. The leadership experience provides unique
opportunities across the three pillar areas of focus – academics, athletics, and military. The
newly published
Leadership Opportunity Inventory
provides a complete description of leadership
positions and a platform for discussions with faculty and staff, parents, and other cadets to
identify the most suitable leadership positions. The inventory gives cadets the chance to
incorporate these opportunities into their unique four-year VMI experience. The bottom
line: cadets seeking leadership opportunities will find them, regardless of academic major or
chosen career path.
Guidance to the third Class
Leadership Opportunity
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1/25/13 10:15AM
A cadet’s 3rd Class year has been described as one of the most challenging, but it can also be a year of
opportunity and personal growth. The amount cadets benefit from this pivotal year is directly related to
the investment cadets make in academics, Corps activities, leadership opportunities, and clubs and
organizations. It is here that VMI cadets learn the benefits of time management and balance, as they
are no longer directed by the Rat Line. Academics
take a lead role and can stress cadets who do not
remain focused. Brother Rats and upper-class cadets
may help navigate this transition in time management
and setting of priorities, and the Miller Academic
Center, Writing Center, Math Center, and a variety of
academic support programs are also available.
It is in the 3rd Class year that cadets learn to rely on a personal resolve to finish the race. Cadets
understand the importance of a motivation that comes from within, supported by Brother Rats
and VMI staff committed to the success of each individual. It is a year when cadets try new things
and get involved in the organizations or club sports that add depth to the VMI experience and
bonding with cadets outside their companies.
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