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Guidance to the Second Class
ing Figure
Each year the VMI leadership works closely with the class officers and the Ring Figure
Committee to ensure that Ring Figure remains a historic, memorable event. Ring Figure events open
with the presentation of the combat ring and class dinner on Thursday, Nov. 21, at 7 p.m. in Washington
and Lee University’s Evans Hall. The class will select the speaker for the dinner.
The cadets will be excused from afternoon classes to attend the formal Ring
Presentation Ceremony, when they receive their rings from the superintendent,
in Cameron Hall on Friday, Nov. 22. Cadets will be formally seated on the
floor level, and family, dates, and guests are encouraged to attend.
The formal Ring Figure Ball will be held Friday evening in Marshall Hall for
the cadets and their dates only. The ring presentation will take place in Gillis
Theater during the evening.
The next morning, Saturday, Nov. 23, the 2nd Class will march in the parade
and attend the home football game. After the game, cadets with full class
privileges will be released for the weekend; they may remain in Lexington or depart the local area. The class
will poll members regarding the planning of an optional event Saturday evening in the Lexington area.
Any alcohol-related penalty during the days prior to Ring Figure will result in immediate barracks confinement
and non-involvement in all Ring Figure events, including the ring presentation.
he 2nd Class year
is a time to focus on
academics, prepare to lead the Corps, and
work with one another to begin to establish a
class legacy.
Sergeants who train the rats must be
experts in both military and VMI standards, while
sergeants on the regimental and battalion staffs will
take on responsibility for coordinating and executing
Corps events. Positions on the Honor Court and key
committees will offer opportunities to lead.
For those who have committed to
commissioning, developing military skills this year is
crucial in preparation for summer training.
Ring Figure:
A defining moment in the cadetship,
the presentation of this visible symbol of the cadet’s
commitment to the VMI challenge is a time of great
excitement and the foundation of the class legacy.
Rank and committee selections:
Selection of cadets
for key leadership positions will begin in December
and conclude in February, when we will begin setting
goals for the 1st Class year.
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