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The Office of International Programs coordinated academic and cultural programs for 83 cadets this summer in Jordan,
Morocco, Bolivia, Peru, England, Germany, Lithuania, Hungary, and Japan. Forty more cadets are expected to enroll for
study abroad during the coming academic year. Each location is examined by International Programs and on-site faculty
program directors to ensure that cadets have a safe and enriching experience abroad.
As a matter of policy, VMI does not approve study abroad or travel to countries which are under a U.S. State Department
travel warning, and cadets agree to not travel to such countries while participating in a VMI-sponsored program. The
State Department issues these warnings when it deems a country dangerous or unstable or when the U.S. government’s
ability to assist American citizens is constrained due to staff drawdown or closure of an embassy or consulate.
Information is available at
During furloughs, cadets are free to travel to any country, regardless of travel warnings, provided that the trip is not
affiliated with VMI. Nonetheless, such travel is strongly discouraged, and parents and cadets are urged to consider the
risks before travelling to countries on the warning list.
International Travel
Accounting Matters
Accounting Convenience
Parents and cadets may view VMI bills and make
payments online. For parent access, cadets must register
their parents as authorized bill payers through their cadet
Post View accounts.
Keydet Cash
Using their VMI ID cards cadets can make purchases in
the VMI PX, bookstore, and laundry, as well as all post
vending machines with card readers. Since the card works
like a bank debit card, cadets can enjoy the convenience of
going cashless by carrying just one card.
This system is administered by Aramark. Funds can be
deposited online to a cadet’s account and will be available
instantly through the ID card. Card information is
available online, so cadets can view the current account
balance and parents and others may view account
information or add funds with permission of the card
holder. Unused Keydet Cash carries over from year to
year until graduation. Please visit
call 540-464-7374 to sign up for or learn more about the
VMI ID Card Keydet Cash program.
VMI Keydet Bookstore
The VMI Keydet Bookstore coordinates with academic
departments to keep costs down for cadets and their
families. Rental books and e-books are offered as reduced-
price options. Cadets can pre-order books online at www.
Accident Insurance
VMI provides cadets with accident insurance that will
cover up to $5,000 for any injury. This insurance policy is
secondary to medical coverage provided by families.
Clubs and Organizations
clubs, service organizations, and club
sport programs are supported by VMI
resources and staff. There is no limit to
the opportunities to build friendships
and grow as a leader. One of the most valuable
strategies to success at VMI is the level at which cadets
get involved in activites at VMI. Encourage your cadet
to review the opportunities available and engage in the
Options available include, but are not limited to:
• The VMI Music Program
• Military Training
• Club Sports
• Service Organizations
• Academic and Professional Societies
• Religious Opportunities
• Special Interest Clubs
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