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DVDs of Events
In addition to thousands of photographs available for purchase at the VMI Photo Store,
, VMI is now offering full-length videos of events such as Matriculation Week, Ring Figure, and
graduation. To purchase videos, visit
Motor Vehicle Use for Cadets
Underclass cadets are not authorized to operate a motor
vehicle in Rockbridge County during the academic
year. We are asking parents for their continued support.
Note: 2nd and 3rd Class cadets who are active members
of drilling Reserve or National Guard units outside of
Rockbridge County may request permission to store a car
in VMI-designated parking areas for the sole purpose of
attending drill.
First Class cadets must register their vehicles upon
returning for the start of the fall semester, and each will
be provided a designated location for parking. In the fall,
parking spaces will be provided on post for nearly half of
the 1st Class vehicles on a rotating basis. The remaining
vehicles will park at a remote parking area. The spring
will bring a new set of guidelines as we work around
construction. The goal is to provide at least one permanent
parking space on post for each 1st Class room. Parents
are reminded that parking fines and penalties for non-
authorized vehicles or non-registered cadet vehicles are
strictly enforced.
Cadet Privately Owned Weapons
Cadets are not authorized to bring personal weapons onto
VMI property. The only exception to this policy is for
cadets who are current members of the Skeet Club using
the Skeet Club permit. Any other cadet wishing to bring
a privately owned weapon to VMI for official business
must submit a permit to the superintendent through the
Commandant’s Office. Exceptions to this policy are very
The VMI Parents Council
The VMI Parents Council is a group of dedicated parents
of approximately 90 cadets from the three upper classes
who give their time and resources assisting VMI cadets
and families by supporting recruiting events, Matriculation
Day, and the hospitality tent on football weekends. They
also spend hours responding to questions from concerned
parents. For academic year 2013-2014, Jeff and Christie
Adler will serve as the Parents Council co-presidents.
There will be times during a cadetship when your cadet
tells you something that may not appear to make sense and
you agree with him or her. We ask that you check this issue
with a member of the VMI Parents Council, our Parents
Council liaison Col. Bill Grace, my staff, or me. Through
improved communications, we can help to prevent harmful
rumors detrimental to the attitudes of our VMI families.
Please visit the Parents Council website at
Medical Services and Health
The infirmary is staffed by a nurse 24 hours a day, seven
days a week, with clinicians available Monday through
Saturday and other times by appointment while cadets are
on post.
The infirmary educates cadets about health care and
safe choices, with close coordination between medical
and psychological services. The professional staff of the
Center for Cadet Counseling is available to assist cadets
in the transition to the demanding VMI environment. As
parents, you may rest assured that in the event of a life-
threatening or incapacitating mental health emergency you
will be notified and asked to become actively engaged in
the care of your cadet. Any threat of physical violence of
which you or your cadet becomes aware should be reported
immediately to Institute officials.
The VMI pandemic plan was rehearsed last year and will
be again this year in a mass inoculation exercise for cadets.
All cadets will be offered the opportunity to receive the
flu vaccine as long as the supply lasts. Please discuss this
opportunity with your cadet prior to the October exercise.
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