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Reminders and Updates
Blue Book (VMI Cadet Regulations)
The Blue Book contains the rules and regulations
that govern a cadet’s daily life, from matriculation to
graduation. Cadet knowledge and understanding of
“status” – right place, right time, right uniform, doing
the right thing – is a constant and continuous point of
emphasis. Cadets are bound by honor to know when
they are or are not in an “All Right” status and when
to place themselves on report.
Drug Use
VMI maintains a zero tolerance stance in regard to the
illegal use of drugs. The use of illegal drugs and the
illegal use of prescription medications by cadets will
result in automatic dismissal.
General Order Number 53, Policy on Prohibiting
Controlled Substances and Drug Paraphernalia,
which can be viewed at
authorizes VMI to randomly test cadets, on a periodic
basis, for the presence of illegal drugs and controlled
substances. VMI’s preventive education programs
regarding healthy decision making and safe and legal
use of substances can make a difference.
VMI maintains strict rules, stiff penalties, and constant
briefings, which serve to deter most cadets from serious
alcohol incidents both on and off post.
Disciplinary actions following a first violation of these
policies, either on or off post, include several weeks
of confinement, several hours of marching, demerits,
and conduct probation. A second alcohol-related
offense will normally draw a suspension from VMI,
and a third offense, a dismissal. Depending on the
seriousness of any offense, VMI reserves the right to
suspend or dismiss a cadet. Cadets who violate these
policies also receive a substance abuse assessment,
education, and referral if needed.
A military-based regimental system within the close
quarters of barracks dictates the need to be clear
about fraternization within the Corps. For this reason,
cadets may not date other cadets within their chain of
The 4th Class year is one of training; thus, there will
be no dating within the Corps by members of the rat
and 4th Class.
Safety Within Barracks
Mutual respect for others and proper behavior are
expected of cadets at all times. This is one reason
alcohol is not permitted in barracks. Excessive alcohol
consumption increases the potential for sexual assault
and other crimes. Please encourage your cadet to
make good decisions and respect the rules that protect
Use of the Internet
The VMI computer use policy is available online at
A few cadets who have
inappropriately used the Internet in what they believed to
be harmless pranks or private conversations unknowingly
jeopardized their futures by putting obscene, insulting, or
threatening content on the Web. Speak with your cadets
about social networking sites and remind them that they
may be checked by employers to screen applicants for hire
and by the federal government for security clearances.
Cyberbullying is not tolerated at VMI.
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