New Horizons
• April 2013
From the Copyeditors
New Horizons
copyediting staff is pleased to announce the release of Volume 7. This
volume includes academic writing representing multiple academic disciplines across the VMI
curriculum. We cadets enrolled in CDR Hart’s Professional Editing and Design course have been
able to work firsthand with the publishing process as copyeditors for manuscript submissions.
We were also responsible for determining the design, formatting, layout, and cover design of the
journal and for contributing ideas for the “Curricular Suggestions.” This course has provided
us with a good opportunity to branch out and meet more faculty mentors and fellow cadets. It
has also given us the chance to read and study works from majors different than our own. The
reading and editing processes have allowed us to broaden our academic horizons and hone our
communication skills. We are proud of the successes we have achieved together as copyeditors
this semester, and we hope you enjoy reading the manuscripts that follow.
Taylor Armstrong, Biology ,’13
Lindsey Carty, Psychology, ’13
Lucas Champion, English, ’14
Max Curry, English, ’13
Flora Edelbrock, English, ’14
Campbell Henkel, English, ’14
Glen Ingham, English, ’12
Adam Marsh, Biology, ’15
Mary Meidenbauer, English, ’13
Sean Murphy, History, ’14
Nathan Sitzman, International Studies, ’16
Connor Sullivan, Biology,’15
C. Russell Timmons, Applied Mathematics, ’14
Matthew Wendler, Biology, ’15
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