New Horizons • Volume 7 • Number 1 • April 2013
From the Executive Editor
t has been my distinct pleasure to have served as a member of the
New Horizons
board since its initial conception as a highly selective, disciplinary expert-reviewed academic
undergraduate journal in the Fall of 2005. I began my work on the journal as the Associate
Editor for the Humanities and Social Sciences under the outstanding mentorship and leadership
of then-Executive Editor COL Mary Ann Dellinger. Since that time, the journal has moved from
the auspices of the VMI Center for Undergraduate Research to those of the Institute Writing
Program and has expanded the range of cadet writing that it features. The editorial board has
experienced changes as well. After five years of exceptional service, COL Dellinger graciously
turned over to me the position of Executive Editor in 2010. In that role, it has been my honor to
have worked with Dr. Duncan Richter and LTCMerce Brooke, who served asAssociate Editor for
the Humanities and Social Sciences and Associate Editor for the Natural Sciences, respectively,
as well as collaborating with the current Associate Editors, MAJ Nate Axvig (Natural Sciences),
LTC Tim Dowling (Humanities and Social Sciences), and CAPT Bob McMasters (Engineering).
The dedication of these faculty members to the success of the journal and to the teaching and
professional development of the cadet authors and copyeditors has been nothing less than
remarkable, and I can not thank them enough for their commitment to this endeavor. In addition,
I would like to acknowledge and to thank the dozens of VMI faculty members and the more
than 30 faculty members at other institutions who have taken time out of their busy schedules
to provide valuable critical comments and recommendations for revision to the cadet authors.
I have also had the good fortune to lead three terrific teams of cadet copyeditors and designers
who enrolled in the WR349 Professional Editing and Design course—many of whom did not
know quite what they were getting into when they signed up, but all of whom worked diligently
to ensure that the authors’ manuscripts were presented to the
New Horizons
readers in the most
professional manner possible. Over the course of these changes, the journal has consistently
featured exemplary samples of the extraordinary writing and research being produced by cadets
across the disciplines, including the twelve manuscripts featured in this volume representing all
of the major academic divisions at VMI.
This seventh volume represents my last as Executive Editor, as it is time for me to seek my own
“new horizons.” Though I will no longer be directly involved in the process, I look forward to
continuing to read the exceptional work that will undoubtedly be published in future volumes,
and I will remain ever grateful for having had the privilege to work with and for the authors,
editors, and readers of
New Horizons
Fair winds and following seas.
D. Alexis Hart
Executive Editor
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