The editorial board of
New Horizons: VMI Journal of Undergraduate Writing
would like to
acknowledge the generous financial support of the Institute Writing Program and the Office
of the Dean of the Faculty, which provided the resources for publishing this issue.
Our thanks to the following for their efforts on behalf of
New Horizons
• BG R. Wane Schneiter, Deputy Superintendent for Academics and Dean of the
• COL Robert L. McDonald, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
• COL Christina R. McDonald, Institute Director of Writing
• COL Emily P. Miller, Head, Department of English and Fine Arts
• Dr. Jim Adams, Interim Director, VMI Writing Center
• LTC Keith Kline, Director, VMI Center for Undergraduate Research
• Mr. BR Floyd, VMI Communications and Marketing
• COL Joseph Blandino, BG Charles Brower, MAJ Jennifer deHart, LTC Timothy
Dowling, MAJ Wakeel Idewu, COL John Leland, COL Robert L. McDonald, MAJ
Tim Moore, LTC Charles Newhouse, MAJ Mary Beth Pennington, COL Rose
Mary Sheldon, and COL James E. Turner, faculty mentors to the cadet authors of
New Horizons
, Volume 7.
• Special thanks to the members of the Spring 2013 WR349 Professional Editing and
Design class.
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