VMI Journal of Undergraduate Writing
Executive Editor:
D. Alexis Hart,
Associate Professor of English
Associate Editor for Engineering:
Robert L. McMasters,
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Associate Editor for the Humanities and Social Sciences:
Timothy C. Dowling,
Associate Professor of History
Associate Editor for the Natural Sciences:
Nathan D. Axvig,
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Contributing Editors for Volume 7
Louis Blair,
Virginia Military Institute
Joyce Blandino,
Virginia Military Institute
Stephen J. Blank,
Strategic Studies Institute of the United States Army War College
Bob Coleman,
University of South Alabama
Bradley Lynn Coleman,
Virginia Military Institute
Christopher S. Lassiter,
Roanoke College
Laurie Lyda,
Georgia College & State University
Kristen Pond,
Baylor University
Wayne G. Shear,
Virginia Military Institute
Matthew Swenty,
Virginia Military Institute
Copyeditors and Layout and Design Editors for Volume 7
Taylor Armstrong, ‘13
Lindsey Carty, ‘13
Lucas Champion, ‘14
Max Curry, ‘13
Flora Edelbrock, ‘14
Campbell Henkel, ‘14
Glen Ingham, ‘12
Adam Marsh, ‘15
Mary Meidenbauer, ‘13
Sean Murphy, ‘14
Nathan Sitzman, ‘16
Connor Sullivan, ‘15
Russell Timmons, ‘14
Matt Wendler, ‘15
Cover photo
by Cadet Sean P. Noll, ‘13.
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